Blue Spruce Technologies Inc. is the leading Systems Integrator inITNetworkAndSecuritySolutions the deployment and administration of authenticated networks.

Since its inception in 2004, Blue Spruce Technologies Inc. has been serving Enterprise organizations and Educational institutions of all sizes.  The Company provides a wide array of IT Services including network design, networking and IT security systems implementation and IT security system tuning, but the focus of the organization, and the genesis for its incorporation in 2004, is to enable customers to effectively deploy and manage network-based authentication.

The definition, use cases, and marketing slogans for network-based authentication have changed over the years, having been referred to as trusted computing, network access control, network admission control, 802.1X, MAC authentication, MAC Auth Bypass, Identity-based networking, and a host of others, however, through all the hype, Blue Spruce remains one of the only Systems Integrators to consistently provide customers with a functional, manageable, and scalable authenticated-network regardless of the vendor or the technological approach selected.