Incident Response Services

Find out more about Blue Spruce Incident Response Services or if you are experiencing an incident, contact us at 800-794-0452.


Sensilla leverages network and systems telemetry to generate and maintain a comprehensive network cartography. Network cartography is notably different than network topology in that it provides a map of the communications between hosts, irrespective of the medium they use to communicate. Said another way, Sensilla customers know how every system in their network talks to every other system, enabling a never-before-possible level of visibility.

Vendor Neutral Procurement

A Vendor Neutral Procurement company means flexibility for you with non-biased equipment acquisition.  Let us help you decide on the best solution for your business.

What are your network vulnerabilities?

Do you know your external or internal vulnerabilities?  When was your last assessment?

Are You At Risk?

Concerned about your data? Let us help solve your security requirements.

Estimated data records exposed - Q3 2022

Average cost of data breach 2022 in US dollar


Network Authentication

We empower you to understand and utilize the many authentication mechanisms that are available. We take a comprehensive approach that includes selection and implementation of 802.1X, RADIUS, Directory and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) systems tailored to your network environment.

Incident Response

We will assist you and your team before, during and after a security incident.   From designing plan and infrastructure to security implementation, monitoring and analysis, your team can have more confidence in your response abilities.  If your experiencing an active incident, contact us at 800-794-0452.

Security Integration

The dramatic increase in new products and new markets to address different facets of IT security have created a challenge for IT administrators, that of integrating all of the new technology into a cohesive system. Integrating events from different products such as firewall, Intrusion Detection/Prevention, Anti-Virus, and Anti-Spam systems is an important step in the maturing of an organizations security profile.