Blue Spruce empowers you to understand and utilize the many authentication mechanisms that are available. We take a comprehensive approach that includes selection and implementation of 802.1X, RADIUS, Directory and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) systems tailored to your network environment.

We’ll help you determine the most appropriate method of implementing 802.1X, including selection of an Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) type to best meet the requirements of both your wired and wireless users, and assistance with properly configuring your client PCs, network infrastructure, and back-end systems to support the selected method. Highlights of the Blue Spruce Technologies authentication solutions include:

    • Decision services for Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA) systems including:
    • End station recommendations regarding which 802.1X client to use
    • EAP Type recommendations and selection
    • RADIUS recommendations and selection
    • Directory Integration
    • Establishing a System-level approach
    • Reduced time to implement 802.1X, encryption, and RADIUS
    • Mapping of user credentials to business role
    • Strategy for deployment of certificate services, tokens and bio-metrics
    • Installation, implementation, tuning and training

802.1X Wired Network Authentication

Secure your wired network and create additional layers of access privileges to your valued data.