Blue Spruce Technologies specializes in identifying and managing the linkages between
the technological components of a solution and interfacing with the departments within
an organization responsible for these technologies.

The result is the empowerment of the IT executive to address today’s most pressing
IT concerns with a high degree of technological and organizational collaboration.  In
addition, the delivery of business value, a critical element in any IT implementation,
is held as the highest priority, insuring that the goals of the organization are served.

Blue Spruce Technologies Strategic Enterprise Consulting services are crafted to provide
support and guidance in emerging areas where changes in the business drive changes
in the IT system. Examples include:

Business / IT alignment:
  • Creation of business, network, and security policy
  • Wireless LAN as a business/productivity enabler
  • Directory-enabled networks
  • Using IT to defend and enhance the reputation of the organization
  • Market intelligence in emerging areas of IT and their impact on the organization
Secure Enterprise Networking:
  • Network-based Authentication
  • Secure Guest Access
  • Trusted End-Point Computing
  • Intrusion Detection / Response
  • Security Product Integration
  • Wired & Wireless Security Alignment