Extreme Network’s Purview

The Industry’s First Solution That Bridges Management and Analytics.  Purview is a Network-Powered Application Analytics and Optimization solution that captures network data and aggregates, analyzes, correlates, and reports on it to enable better decision making and improved business performance.EXTR_Purview_laptop

Application Insights Improve Decisions Making

  • Understand user engagement
  • Improve user experience
  • Optimize application performance
  • Detect malicious application use

It is the industry’s very first and only – patent pending – solution to transform the Network into a Strategic Business Asset – by enabling the mining of network-based business events and strategic information that help business leaders make faster and more effective decisions. It does this all from a centralized command control center that combines Network Management with Business Analytics, and at unprecedented scale (100M sessions) and scope.

Purview allows IT operations to optimize the network for each and every application, enhance security for those applications and provide data for business analytics. This empowers IT to turn the network into a strategic business asset that can now provide value to other lines of business, and it enables business innovation powered by the network infrastructure.

Purview intelligence provides IT with the visibility and control of applications and websites (including related sub-web sites) resident in all parts of the network, from the wired or wireless edge all the way through the core and datacenter, as well as application traffic from the Enterprise to the private Cloud, public Cloud or any service on the internet.

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